Marilyn Osecap

Marilyn Osecap

Marilyn Osecap is a Cree woman born on the Moosomin First Nation in 1963, and is a third generation healer – her mooshum (grand-father) and great-mooshum (great-grandfather) were both medicine men and her great-kookum (great-grandmother), a medicine woman.

Since she was a little girl, Marilyn knew she had certain “abilities” that she didn’t fully understand, and as she got older, they got stronger. As her abilities and senses got stronger, the more they scared her and because of her fear, at around age 25, she suppressed them for many years. Then in her late 30’s, she decided that what she was born with were gifts and nothing to be feared, and she made the decision to open herself up to them again. They (her “gifts”) were slow in returning, but that was ok. She continued life as usual, as an accountant.

In 2011, Marilyn began to explore holistic & natural healing solely for her own health and well-being. She discovered that many of the beliefs & practices she found while studying holistic health & spirituality were similar to those found within her own culture. She was eager to learn more.

Although, she knew since childhood that her life’s purpose was to help or empower others, she didn’t realize to what extent until one evening while driving alone on the highway, she had a sudden epiphany – she was to be a healer!

Marilyn’s ancestors practiced medicine or healing in more of the First Nations traditional way. Although there are similarities, she struggled with moving forward with what some would consider a ‘new-age’ sense of healing. After struggling for a couple years, Marilyn was provided a message giving her the blessing to move ahead – as long as she was following her path to heal others, it didn’t matter the modality.

She earned a Teachers Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy, and also trained in some energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Quantum Touch.

Due to the profound internal positive changes Marilyn experienced during her continued journey, she decided in early 2013 to take a leave from her six-figure income as an accountant to pursue and further study holistic & natural healing.

While on a spiritual tour in Peru in 2014, Marilyn came across information on Reconnective Healing (RH) and decided to do research. What she discovered was exactly what she had been searching for and immediately started training for RH. She has since been very eager to share this healing with others.
While she continues to practice and teach Psychosomatic Therapy, the only other form of healing Marilyn currently practices, (because it is comprehensive and all-encompassing – of all the RH frequency spectrum appears to contain or include all of the known healing frequencies existing to date), is ‘Reconnective Healing’. Healings are most often immediate or can evolve over time.

Marilyn would be deeply honored to support your personal empowerment and healing experience, either in-person or she is available for distance healings as well.

Marilyn continues her journey to discover her spirituality, as well as her growth as a healer.


Certificate in Reconnective Healing, 2014

Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy, Psychosomatic Practitioner Certificate, 2011

Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy

Certificate IV in Psychosomatic Therapy, Psychosomatic Master Practitioner Certificate, 2012

Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy

Certificate Level 1 Jikiden Reiki, 2012

Diploma of Psychosomatic Therapy, Psychosomatic Teacher Diploma, 2013
Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy

Certificate Level 1 Quantum-Touch, 2014