Psychosomatic Therapy is the “Mind Body Connection”. Psycho means “mind” and soma means “body”. And you may still be asking…”What is Psychosomatic Therapy”?! For a millennial, natural health practitioners have understood that there was a deep connection to the thoughts we have and the physical shape and condition we experienced in our bodies. Some ancient cultures used methods of healing that involved correcting the “thinking” of the patient otherwise the dis-ease would return.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Change your thinking change your life”. This quote is from a vast body of work that came as a result of questioning the doctrines of the day. He was ostracized from society as well as his family as a result of his questioning, but his questioning started a movement that brought forward massive change. It was this type of thinking that really started moving our modern society forward and it would still take almost 300 years before Quantum Physics and our scientific communities really started coming on board… but here we are!

In essence, Psychosomatic Therapy is the therapy of acknowledging the deeper YOU through mind-body analysis. A Mind-Body analysis is a detailed reading of the body tissue, shape, size and structure, which brings awareness to mental, emotional and physical experiences that have become lodged within the cellular memory of the body. Using emotional release treatment techniques taught in the course, these issues can be released at the cellular level allowing deep healing to take place in the mind and body. With recognition that issues in your body are not separate from self, you are empowered with a new level of responsibility that becomes vital in staying connected with your own healing ability and direction in life.


Everything about you is written all over your body. Your personality is a construct of your thoughts and feelings and these thoughts and feelings shape the tissue of your body. The body is your biography and is being unconsciously read by everyone including yourself. Have you ever wondered why your body looks the way it does, why you hold weight in certain areas and not others, why your eyes are a certain color, why your nose is a certain shape. Most people attribute these things to genetics and assume genetics is a fixed thing. Epigenetics says the opposite.

The skeleton tells the story of your life as you are growing through to maturity and the skin, the flesh, will tell the story of the emotional attachment to the experiences you’ve had in your life. That is why you look the way that you do! We say “the issues in the tissues”. The body says it all and it never lies!

Consider identical twins who have the exact same genetics and yet at the end of their life often identical twins will look nothing alike – as is the case for Marilyn’s own adult twin sons. Or how two best friends after spending many years together will often be mistaken as brothers or sisters due to their similar physical appearance. Or how some couples start looking alike after several years of marriage. Our physical appearance is a combination of our conditioning, beliefs, experiences, environment, genetics but most of all it is a symbol of how we are expressing our unique soul’s purpose into this world.

View the before & after pics for some examples.

Take the Next Step to Understanding Yourself & Others

We spend a lot of time pondering everyone else around us, what if we were able to see into their inner world just by observing how they stand? How much do you think you could learn about someone from the shape of their face, their nose or their eyes? You might be surprised what you discover!

This is powerful information to have if you’re looking to take on a business partner or start a new relationship. If you could recognize that your business partner was more about having fun than applying them self to the task at hand you may not use valuable energy going down a path that was not meant to be. Or maybe you would just like to understand your children or your parents better. Wouldn’t this one aspect alone make life better? Enroll Now!


We offer you amazing experiences to discover who you are, which is the greatest gift of all! As you progress through the Psychosomatic Therapy you will see the world, yourself and others in an entirely new way. This new found acknowledgement and perception of life is with you forever opening up doorways and opportunity never experienced before. Originally designed as a holistic personal development therapy, Psychosomatic Therapy ensures you transform while you learn a powerful healing modality.

Just a few personal benefits you may experience by participating:

  • Healing & understanding of long standing physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Heal relationships – past and present
  • Increase self-confidence and self-love
  • Release of guilt, shame and self-sabotage
  • Connect with your passion and purpose in life

This is truly a life changing experience!

If you choose to complete the course purely for personal development you are more than welcome to finish there and we will present you with a ‘Certificate of Attendance’. This is where no log book hours are required for submission.


Psychosomatic Therapy is at the leading edge of self-care and self-empowerment therapies. There is a growing market for preventative holistic healthcare specialists who are willing to go much deeper to uproot the true cause of unhappiness and ill-health in people’s lives.

This grounded, heartfelt, and often confronting lifestyle based healthcare modality is critical in our world today which is saturated with quick fix solutions that only mask the real issues. If you are a realist and a truth seeker with an honest heart, a career in Psychosomatic Therapy is exactly what you are looking for, and it is backed up with Government Accreditation through the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy.

Or maybe you want to complement your already chosen field to better understand those around you to enhance the benefits and service of your clients or company. Just some examples are healthcare workers, teachers, human resource professionals, and pretty much anyone.

In this therapy we focus on:

  • Mental, emotional and physical level
  • Putting light on obstacles and blockages in the way
  • Learn skills that empower and promote growth
  • Support choices that unblock energy through acknowledgement
  • Challenge limiting belief systems and replace them with beliefs that support freedom of self-expression and exploration
  • To support actions based on inner feelings
  • To creating experiences in a safe environment that promote growth and transformation


We have an amazing community of students who create together and have formed lifelong friendships. There is also an on-line community via Facebook if you wish to stay in touch with fellow students or create new friendships after completion of the course.

Read through the rest of the pages to find out more about when courses and other events are happening or for contact information.